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Level 3 is the culmination of our experiences with not only Levels 1-2, but also over ten years as storytellers. We see this new live action genre as an opportunity to blend gaming and cinema in a way that’s never been done before. While the first two levels were fun and action packed, we see Level 3 and beyond as a chance to not only be adrenaline filled, but also a chance to slow down and really engage with rich and well developed characters and worlds.
The short answer is ASAP. The team here is already hard at work on Level 3. We have been building a huge new world and story, inventing new ways of involving the players in a new live action platform. Of course everything depends on the budget raised, but the goal is to broadcast Level 3 for a week, probably in April 2016.
For a pledge (minimum £1) you get:
  • To take part in the playable prologue for Level 3. An amazing experience in its own right, the audience’s decisions here will directly determine story and gameplay elements for Level 3!
  • Special Behind the Scenes access. Video updates and photos. Even the chance to vote on different elements you would like to see in Level 3!
  • Watch the player streams live as they go out. Get to watch in real time as other members try and make their way through our new interactive world. Plus each member will be given points to spend on players they wish to give an extra hand to, aiding them through the more difficult bits of the story.
  • Finally, the Big One… You will be entered for the chance to be one of the lucky players to experience the full gameplay of Level 3. Up to an hour of play, with a new and consistent universe that will continue to develop based on the actions of the players, this time around will push the limits of gaming and film even further and you have the chance to be a part of it!
Absolutely. £1 grants you access to not only the playable prologue to Level 3, but also exclusive Behind the Scenes, and the chance to be a player of the full game. For every extra £1 you donate, we’ll enter your name into the hat again.
We accept donations from anywhere in the world. The currency exchange will be handled by Paypal, Kickstarter, or your bank.
Some people prefer Paypal over Kickstarter, and vice versa. We just want to give our contributors the option to back in whatever way they are most comfortable.
Just choose PayPal and click the ‘Don’t have a Paypal account?’ link on the left - you will be able to enter your card details without having to log in to Paypal.
We don’t have have a set goal. We’re letting the audience’s response dictate the scope of Level 3. It’s only because of the overwhelming response to Level One that we’re even in a position to develop this new genre. So the more money we receive, the bigger and crazier Level 3 will be - trust us, we have had conversations about a colossal level 3 that costs over five million pounds - so the sky really is the limit.
That all depends on you, the audience. Our dream is to develop an ongoing storyline that continues to Level 4 and beyond in the same format at L3. If the response is good enough, we’ll keep making them!
We will keep the paypal sign up option live right up until the game goes live, but the Kickstarter will only be live during 2015.